How Do I Create A Circle of Friends?

Creating a close circle of friends is sometimes not an easy feat. Why is that? On episode 4 of the Boyfriends podcast, the hosts talked about their own circle of friends, advice for creating a circle of your own, and even if having a close circle of friends is possible. 

Being Selective

Sarun (@sarun.nuras) was the first to give his take on the subject. As he’s mentioned in the past, Sarun is very selective of the people he chooses to let into his life and even more so when it comes to calling someone his friends. Sarun has close friends of his, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they hang out together when he’s is not around. However, he’s extremely close with every single one.

In this scenario, it’s less about having a circle of close friends and rather having a circle of people that are close to you. When being as selective as Sarun is, this can tend to happen, but that’s okay! Having a friend for each situation in your life and having their own purpose for you is a great way to build a special bond with each person in your own group, even if they aren’t close with each other. Melvin (@melvin_foreman) agreed with Sarun and likes to have a different friend for different situations. 

Getting Close as a Group

Renee (@renee_vanessa), on the other hand, has experience with having an extremely close circle of friends where each person knows each other on a very personal level. Each friend within the group is friends with the other. Although she admittedly pointed out that it works because it’s just three of them all together. Their closeness also took a lot of time, effort, and letting walls down for each friend to get to really know each other. 

As a trio, they know everything about the other which helped them build a strong friendship that has lasted more than ten years. Even through life changes, they have still remained friends to this day. This type of friendship can take years to build, but it is well worth having a group where each person can count on the other.

Creating Your Circle of Friends

To create a close group of friends, you’ll need to start with just one and then another and another. Once you’ve found individuals that you enjoy spending time with, introduce them to each other. After that, if your friends click with each other and start hanging out more, you’re creating a circle of friends. 

Jarrod (@jarroddking) made a point that sometimes two friends that get along great with you, might not get along with each other. But there’s only one way to find out! Make the effort to introduce yourself and your friends to new people. If you want to build a close friend group, you have to put in the work of getting to know each other.

Sex and the City Is a Lie

If you’re expecting to have a close circle of friends like in movies and TV shows, you’ll surely be disappointed. While it’s possible to have a close group of friends for a little while, 9/10 times it not going to be like the Sex and the City, Friends, How I met Your Mother, or (sadly) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. 

Set your expectations accordingly and don’t be discouraged if you’re not able to form the circle of friends you’d always pictured in your mind. You can still have close friends that will love you and always be there for you. Just because they don’t hang out with each other, it’s not the end of the world!

For more advice on creating a circle of friends and to hear what else the hosts had to say about it, be sure to listen to episode 4 of the Boyfriends Podcast

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