Author: Renee Vanessa

What Do I Do When I Feel Sad About Being Single

Have you ever felt sad about being single? On episode 3 of the Boyfriends Podcast, the hosts discussed why we tend to feel sad about being single and what to do about it. Jarrod (@jarroddking) and Renee (@renee_vanessa) both shared similar romantic views and experiences, while Melvin (@melvin_foreman) and Sarun (@sarun.nuras) had entirely different experiences […]

How Do I Let Him Down Easy When I’m Not Into Him?

This week, the Boyfriends Podcast discussed a tough topic: letting someone down easily. The thought of telling someone how you feel can be intimidating, especially if those feelings are leaning more towards negative and could potentially hurt their feelings. Because of this, many men, like one of our hosts Melvin (@melvin_foreman), tend to ghost the […]

Why Does Nobody Talk To Anyone Outside of Their Clique?

On the first episode of the Boyfriends Podcast, the group discussed talking outside of your clique and meeting new people. As you get older, for some people, it can start to seem more and more difficult to make new friends. Everyone has their own established clique and it can be intimidating to approach them or […]