How Do I Get Out Of The Friend Zone?

It is never easy being cast into the friend zone and whether we put ourselves there or not, it’s always difficult getting out of it. Having new and romantic feelings for your friend is a tough situation, which is why the Boyfriends Podcast thought it would be a great topic for discussion. 

Do You Really Want to Be Out of the Friendzone?

Before making the big leap, it’s important to ask yourself if you actually want to be out of the friendzone. After you put your feelings out there and let your friend know that you are wanting more out of the relationship, it can change everything. They can reject the offer, making it difficult to continue being friends. There’s also the possibility that you are able to get out of the friendzone and start dating each other, but then you could break up and no longer have that person in your life.

Be sure to weigh your options and if you are truly ready to make that change in your friendship with this person. No matter what their answer is, things are going to change between the two of you. It’s essential to ask yourself if you are ready for that change by making moves to get out of the friendzone.

Why Are You in the Friendzone?

Another important question to ask yourself is why your are in the friendzone. If you are in the friendzone because your friend put you there, it might not be the best move to tell them that you’re feeling more than friendship for them. If they’ve already shown that they want to be just friends, then you shouldn’t try to push them in another direction. 

On the other hand, if you put yourself in the friendzone purposefully, then you need to ask yourself why now is the time you want to take yourself out. That’s when you should go back to the question of if you actually want to be more than friends or if this is a fleeting feeling because they recently stopped hanging out as much, just got inro a new relationship, or if, perhaps, you just got out of a relationship. How you got in the friendzone in the first place can be your answer to how you’ll be getting yourself out. 

How Do You Get Out of the Friendzone?

If you’re prepared to shoot your shot and accept that this could potentially change your friendship, then the best way to get out of the friendzone is just to be honest and tell them how you feel. This can be done in many different ways, in which the Boyfriends hosts discuss. 

Tony believes you need to read what’s actually going on in your friendship before making your move, then making your move if you feel there is really potential more a romantic relationship. Jarrod thinks you should be open to a different kind of relationship and to accept that you might end up in a beautiful relationship or just remain friends. Renee suggests being subtle yet direct, by finding any opening by asking, “Could you ever see yourself dating me?” Their answer can determine your next move. Melvin’s advice is to always ask yourself why you’re in the friendship and to determine if it’s worth shooting your shot before going for it.To hear more about the hosts’ suggestions and stories about getting out of the friendzone, be sure to listen to episode 13 of the Boyfriends Podcast!

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